About the Journal

Indian Journal of Medicine and Healthcare is the leading open-access journal, providing a platform for publishing innovative and research articles. As an open access journal, articles in Indian Journal of Medicine and Healthcare will always be freely available online and readily accessible.

Aim and Scope

Indian Journal of Medicine and Health care (IJMHC) is the official journal of the "Indian Society for Education and Environment" (iSee). Medicine and public health have been linked together as potential complementary perspectives in improving personal and thereby public health. IJMHC attempts to acting as a potential mediator, facilitating coordination between medical and public health professional.


The vital role of IJMHC is to integrate updated information on physical and mental health care covering clinical practices, mechanisms of diseases, diagnosis and management, medical education, health care and public health policies and available organizations to all health professionals.


IJMHC will assist the professionals, health practioners, academics, researchers, students, paramedics and policy makers for providing information for the welfare of society.


IJMHC solicits expert reviews, original research articles, analysis, news, letters, technical reports and case studies for publication from contributors.

Subject Theme

Topics suitable for publication will be included (but it is not limited to)

  • Integrative Medicine –viz
    • Critical care
    • Community
    • Preventive
    • Forensic and legal
    • Addiction
    • Alternative
    • Occupational
    • Participatory
    • Sports
    • Transfusion
  • Healthcare- viz
    • Delivery system
    • Administration and regulation
    • Information technology
    • Policies
    • Research
    • Industry


The journal is addressed to both practicing professionals and researchers in the field of Medicine and Health, professionals in academia, former researchers, students and other specialists interested in the results of scientific research and related subjects covered by the journal.