An economic analysis of production in pangasius fish (Pangasius bocourti) in plain area of Chhattisgarh, India


Sonvanee O. P.
B. Nightingale Devi
K K Choudhary


Objectives: To estimate the cost and return of pangasius fish (Pangasius bocourti) in plain area of Chhattisgarh, India. Methods: The study was conducted during the year 2018-19 covering two crop in pond culture system. Sample survey of four progressive fish farm namely Lucky Fish Farm, Dahadha (Kurud), M. M. Fish Company, Ushalapur (Bemetra), Tarapada Fish Farm, Arjunda (Balod), and Mohammad Imran Khan Fish Farm, Nagri (Dhamtri) were randomly selected on the basis of its maximum production of fish in the area. The primary data were collected from fish producers through personal interview method using semi-structured questionnaire about its production. The objectives were achieved using exponential function, percentages and average method. Findings: The total cost of fish farming was found to be |2959094.28/ha. in selected farms. The result indicates that the variable cost |2242823.44/ha (75.79 per cent) of culture. The higher cost incurred on culture was feed |1894536.00/ha.(64.02 per cent) followed by Capital investment was found to be |581400.00/ha.(19.65 per cent). The input-output ratio estimated was 1:1.10. The progressive farmers reported that 100 per cent high cost in feed cost & capital investment in initial. Application/ Novelty: Need to increase the profitability from fish farming by the use of low cost culture system and effective extension along with conducive policy measures. Feed processing unit and ice factory should be open in near to the village and to provide the financial support of farming of fish.