Assessing labour migration patterns in marine fisheries sector across the coastal States of Gujarat and Maharashtra


Shyam s salim
Vinaya Kumar Vase
Jamshi J
Athira N R
Shinu A M
Bhargav Bhatt


Objectives: Assessing the demographic characteristics of migrant fisher folks of coastal states of Gujarat and Maharashtra, with special focus on causes of migration, challenges and achievements in livelihood. Methods: The primary statistical tool of descriptive analysis, percentage analysis, Garrette ranking etc. have been carried out to assess various parameters of the study. Binary logistic regression was carried out to analyse the determinants for predicting willingness for continuing migration of fishermen. Findings: The expected rise in income and anticipated desire of enjoying a better standard of living and the seasonality are the key factors which necessitate the fishermen to migrate . The study identified unemployment as the main problem faced by the workers in fishing industry which necessitates the need for the labour migration. Moreover, income inequality, climate change, demographic shift and conflicts also contributed towards labour migration, in search of employability and security. Novelty: Marine fisheries sector is one of the most important sectors contributing much for the Indian economy but still facing disguised unemployment. Income inequalities, climate change, demographic shift and conflicts had contributed much for the migration of labour in search of employment and security. This proposed study is an investigative research over the labour migration and alternative avocation in the marine fisheries sector of the districts of Gujarat and Maharashtra as labour migration has become an adaptive or coping strategy of fishermen of the study area which scrutinizes the relevance of this study.