Packaging elements and their impact on consumer buying behavior in Pakistan


Nisar Ahmad
Shaheen Kanwal


Objectives: To study the packaging impact on consumer buying behavior in district Bhakkar, Pakistan. Ideal packaging is important as business success depends on anticipated selling of products and their packaging. Methodology: Consumer buying behavior in case of Packaged Food Products (PFPs) and Non Food Packaged Products (NFPPs) is estimated with primary data collected from 384 respondents of district Bhakkar in Pakistan. Data is collected during September to November 2019 and targeted respondents include male and female buyers of packed products in four tehsils of district. Principal Component Analysis (PCA), Cronbach’s Alpha test and Ordinary Least Square (OLS) method are the significant techniques used in the study for analysis. Findings: Results of study explain that color, design, material, printed information on package and innovation have positive and significant impact on consumer buying behavior for packaged food and non-food products. However, the impact of background image and font style is not significant. The impact of demographic variables including income and age is also insignificant to purchase PFPs and NFPPs. Applications: Quality packaging is suggested to business managers. Further, environmental friendly packaging supported with quality is most desirable keeping in view the modern life style. Information on package is suggested to be in simple words.